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Why did I become a personal trainer?

While I have been training others for over 26 years now, there are a few things that make my training style unique. I believe ALL trainers get the desire to train their clients based upon their own lives. Here is why I chose to train others.

First off, I was a skinny kid growing up. My brother, used to call me “bird chest” as I simply had none as I was so thin. Him being 5 ½ years older than me, it kind of stung. Don’t worry, we still love each other. Still, wanting to prove myself, I wanted to prove him wrong, so I asked my parents for a weight set and bench. Happily, for Christmas they bought me the set when I was twelve. The journey started there. Slowly as I read all of the most recent fitness magazines for tips, I began to grow. In high school, I became an athlete and continued to progress.

While I was a successful football player in high school, once I got to college I was a little small for college ball. Sure I had some small colleges interested in me, but they could not give me enough scholarship money to make it worth it. So I went to Kent State, and found the sport of rugby. I fell in love with it, and eventually became the team president. I played years after that.

This and my upbringing gave me the desire to constantly improve myself, but also to help others. It was a big stepping stone for me as I had to be responsible for training the team, but also helping them grow into better athletes overall. It taught me leadership.

While all of this was going on, I knew when I was seven years old that I wanted to become a police officer. In college I got my degree in Criminal Justice. After completing the police academy, I was hired as a police officer and after a few years was asked by the department to become the fitness instructor for the department after being sent to a school to teach it. Even today, I train Tactical Athlete clients that are, or want to be police/fire and military on how to pass their current fitness tests or how to pass the entry exams for those careers. These things all changed my life!

While I was still testing and training police officers at the department, I was asked to be the Lead Fitness Instructor for the University of Akron’s Law Enforcement training center, which I did part time from 2000 to 2008. From there I started to transition into the civilian world of fitness and started my own personal training business. In total, I have been training others for over 26 years now.

When I look back, had I not been so skinny and having my brother call me “bird chest” I may never be where I am today. While I know he was joking as brothers do, it lit a fire inside me. I never wanted to be put down again. While I am sure I teased him, this one event kind of changed my life. I have always been a driven person, and made the best of what God handed me. Yes, I was a “bird chest,” but I changed that for the better!

My friends, no matter what hand you were dealt, never look down upon your past. We all make mistakes and have failures. Still, this is what makes us stronger. We overcome our disadvantages. THAT to me is strength and power over our lives. It is NEVER too late to change your life. Make a plan, stick to it, and put in the work!

If you want to know more, go to, or FB at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training. Additionally, you can find video guides on Youtube at Garan Fitness Consulting. If you wish to contact me, go to or Garan Fitness Consulting at 330-554-1345. I also do one on one and online training, so reach out to me if you are interested in learning more.

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