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Certified Health Coach

One of the things that helps people, is my certification as a “health coach.”   So what IS a health coach?   As you can see, I have many specializations for specific things in the world of health and fitness, but as a health coach, I am able to put them all together when developing a health and wellness plan for my clients.

Each client is unique in their health and wellness goals and this certifications allows me to put it all together and design a program for the client by taking specific pieces from all of the other areas I am certified in training people in, and putting in into one nice packages around that specific person’s needs.

Let’s face it, not everyone is alike and in fitness, each of our needs is specific.   Someone that wants to lose weight should NOT train like someone that wants to gain muscle.   Someone that wants to focus on cardio cannot train like a body builder.   That is where my experience comes into play.   I can design a program SPECIFIC to YOUR needs.   At Garan Fitness, I do NOT have “canned” programs that are one size fits all.   Everything I do is based upon YOUR goals.

At this point, I am just going to say that with my certifications and having trained people for over 28 years now, I can help you change your life!   I think this is one of the things that set’s me apart from other trainers.   I am qualified and am experienced in helping others find what works for THEM to make the changes they need for overall health and well being.


Let me help you change your life!

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