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Myself (middle) and two SWAT team members running and shooting.

Tactical Conditioning

Tactical Conditioning is for those that are, or want to be in the Military, Police, or Fire/Rescue.   That includes Strength Training with weights, Cardio, and Body Weight training such as Body Squats, Farmers Carries, and Body Drags. 

Cardio is  a must for the Tactical Athlete and should be the primary focus, although strength training is also necessary.   This should include running, crawling and those movements that are done in combat or at the scene of a fire or emergency.    

I started training police officers in 1995 and was the lead fitness trainer for the University of Akron's Law Enforcement Training Center from 2000 to 2008.   I continue to train police/fire and military or those that are, or wish to become police/fire of military.   If you need any help, please contact me.   I will get you the gains you need.

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