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Personal Fitness Training at an Affordable Price!
2018 Price Special​

With 2018 upon us, it's time to finally get into shape like you have always wanted.   At Garan Fitness Consulting we want to help you get there at an affordable price.   My normal rate is $30 an hour, with those coming multiple times a week paying just $25 and hour.   I am now running a special with 36 sessions for $20 an hour.   

Call now while I still have time slots available.

After serving twenty years in police work, I retired as a detective where I also supervised a departmental fitness program. Additionally I was the lead fitness trainer at the University of Akron's Law Enforcement Training Center from 2000-2008. I am currently an ISSA Certified Elite Trainer, with certifications as a Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and Specialist in Exercise Therapy. Previous certifications include Physical Fitness Specialist through the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy and Certified Strength Trainer through Nautilus.

My hobbies include travel, rugby, model railroading, working out and SCUBA diving. 

A little about Scott!
Scott Garan
Meet Michael.   A story of success!
When I first met Michael, he came to me looking to get into better shape as he was 283 lbs, was on blood pressure medications, and had a family history of heart problems.   Simply put, Michael realized that he needed to make some life changes to protect his health.

Michael and I sat down and put a plan together which included a proper diet, cardio, stretching, and strength training!   What I can say about Michael is that he did everything I asked and more!   He immersed himself into the fitness lifestyle.   

One of the things he always enjoyed was hiking, so we included this into his training regimen along with the other components.   Ironically, when Micheal advised his doctor that he had hired a trainer and that he was including strength training, his doctor indicated that all he really needed was cardio.   Still, Michael continued with our plan, and he was soon down 20 lbs.   As he continued to drop fat over time, his doctor finally admitted he should continue with the plan as he was making great progress.   Eventually Michael lost 50 pounds and was off of his blood pressure medications.   Michael is now down to a healthy 212 pounds and in September or 2014 climbed to the top of Mt. St. Helen's!   A week later, he completed his first half-marathon!

Michael's story shows what can be accomplished through a good training program, and a strong desire to succeed!

Scott Garan

Michael S.   Top of Mt. St. Helen's

What can we do for you?
I have been training people for over 20 years now.   No matter what your goals, fat lose or to put on muscle, I can help!

Additionally, with my new certification as Specialist in Exercise Therapy, I can design a program to help you recover after rehab for an injury!   Oftentimes, insurance programs only cover a certain number of rehab visits!  I can design a program to take you from THAT point to where you are fully functional.

My goal, is to design a program around YOUR needs, not mine!

See the Package Pricing Page for a special discount opportunity!

Keep this in mind when you think something is impossible!