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What does the Tactical Officer have to do to be fit.

As a retired Police Officer that became a Detective ran our department’s fitness program and ran our department’s Tactical Operation’s unit, I know how important fitness is in a Police Officer’s life. The same can be said about Fire/Rescue and the Military. I LIVED that lifestyle. That is why I am qualified to help YOU reach your fitness goals in your Tactical Conditioning goal.

If you ARE, or want to be in the Military, Police or Fire/ Rescue fields, I can help you get there. I have been training others for over 26 years now. Anyone in the Military, Police, and Fire/Rescue fields must train differently than the average athlete. Yes, there are crossovers, but we cannot train like a bodybuilder. Our jobs require far different fitness requirements. We are far more reliant upon our cardio ability than the average athlete, but still must maintain the ability to lift heavy weights. This is usually in the form of a partner or body that we must remove from a fire, or drag to safety in the Military or in a Police Officer setting. We do not generally work, behind a desk. We work in the field.

So here are a few tips I have for those wanting to become, or are already in these fields. First, cross train. Add weight lifting movements as well as cardio movements into your routine. Think Push Ups, combined with Sprints, or Squats combined with a Mile Long Run. Think Sit Ups along with Bear Crawls. All of these fields require this cross training.

In combat or in the Fire/Rescue field all of these things can become requirements to be able to perform our job. Think out of the box. While we are athletes, we are NOT conventional ones. Most athletes KNOW what they will be required to do on “game day”. In these fields, we can be called upon to do a number of these tasks over and over.

If you need help completing your fitness tests in any of these fields or wish to improve yourself to pass the entry requirements of these fields, reach out to me. I have literally lived in the world that you are in, or want to be. Additionally, I have helped hundreds of people reach their goals as the lead fitness instructor for the University of Akron’s Law Enforcement Training Academy.

If you want to know more, go to, or Facebook at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training. Additionally, visit my Youtube page, Garan Fitness Consulting for videos on different exercises and training tips.

If you are in the Northeast Ohio area such as Kent, Brimfield, Stow, Tallmadge or Ravenna areas, or if you wish to find out about online training contact me at or at 330-554-1345.

Thanks for checking out Garan fitness Consulting.


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