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Thinking Out of the Box, Memories, and Taking that First Step.

So the last of my clients has left tonight at 10 pm. It was a great day. All of my clients are improving, so that is a plus. I was also hired earlier last week, by a woman looking after her 78 year old mother. Her mother had a knee replacement and while she completed her rehab, she cannot walk very far without a cane or walker.

Now, this is an issue as in November, mom is travelling out of state to attend another daughter’s birthday, so she WANTS to be independent. That is her goal, and we are going to fix it. Mom used to work out and wants to get back to it so that is a motivating force. Having one of my specialties in Exercise Therapy, her daughter hired me to help. Today was my first session with her mother.

While most of my clients are in person or online, for her I have to travel to her home and train there. That kind of limits what equipment I have to use, but in these cases we must think out of the box.

So, I took some of my resistance bands and she also had some hand weights and some ankle weights. With my bands, and her ankle weights we got a basic full body workout in. I also had her walk a short distance around a cone without a cane or walker. While this all worked, I still needed a few hand weights she could lift to complete the workout. Not having any weights light enough for her, I asked her caregiver for a few cans of soup. These cans turned into weights light enough for her, but heavy enough for resistance. Thinking out of the box was a big key to client success today.

In between sets, she shared stories of her time in the gym back in the 80’s and 90’s. She was kind of a pioneer back in the day as most women never worked out very heavy with weights back then. She said she would be lifting and these big men bodybuilders would kind of give her a kind of “nod” that she was doing good. That obviously made her proud.

Most of my certifications are from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and a lot of my training was simply in the trenches learning. Having the ability to change other people’s lives is a true gift. I thank God that through proper training, some trial and error and tenacity that I was given this ability. One of the biggest gifts you can receive is being able to give to others. For mom, and many of my clients this is MY gift to them! It can be fat loss, building muscle or simply the gift of mobility. If you are trying to get back into shape, think out of the box. Sure I have all professional equipment and gizmos and gadgets, but if you are taking that first step to get fit, use what you have. A gallon of milk is about 5 pounds. If you don’t have 5 pound weights get two milk jugs, fill them with water and now you DO have 5 lb. weights. Yes, eventually you may need to hire a trainer, or go to a gym, but TAKE THAT FIRST STEP to fitness. If you do, you will have no regrets.

If you want to know more, go to, or Facebook at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training. Additionally, visit my Youtube page, Garan Fitness Consulting for videos on different exercises and training tips.

If you are in the Northeast Ohio area such as Kent, Brimfield, Stow, Tallmadge or Ravenna areas, or if you wish to find out about online training contact me at or at 330-554-1345. Additionally, if you are in need of post rehab therapy give me a call.

Thanks for checking out Garan fitness Consulting.


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