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So here are some quick tips for shopping for food at the grocery story. What and HOW to choose the

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

First, examine your grocery store. Simply take a walk around it and observe. When you walk in, you will notice the healthiest and least processed foods are situated on the outside ring of the store. Fresh fruits and veggies, meats, fish and dairy are all on the outside. This is where most of your time shopping should be spent.

Choosing foods from this outside ring is where you will find what I call “real food.” Choosing from this ring will allow you to make fresh, home cooked healthy meals. Spend most of your time here. These are your best choices.

As you move further in, you may find things like spices and various pastas and pasta sauces as well as rice that can be included into your diet but are more processed but may be needed and can be added in moderation. As you continue, you will start to find things like cake mixes, and all the basic bags of sugar and things like cookies that should be mostly avoided.

Now I am not saying you can’t bake a cake or have some cookies once in a while, but these isles should be sparingly used. Hey, if it’s someone’s birthday venture into that isle and bake them a birthday cake. However, don’t make a cake every week! If you don’t have ANY fun and enjoy life you will NOT progress in the fitness realm.

When I discuss diet with my clients, I ask them to be 90% compliant with diet. That means 90% of the time stay strict with your diet, but if you have a thing like the boys or girls meet out every Friday for wings and a few beers, go for it. If so, make sure on Saturday you are back on track. This keeps you sane and allows for fitness gains but to still enjoy life outside of fitness. We have to have fun, to enjoy life.

Recently one of my clients wanted pancakes. So on a Saturday morning he got up, met a friend for breakfast and had them. That was his “cheat meal.” It satisfied his craving and the next day he was back on track. He is now down 62 lbs. in 11 months so what we are doing is working.

Unless you are in any competitive sport such as track and field, body building, or strongman, you CAN still cheat a little on the diet, but I stress “a little.” Enjoy life but primarily stay focused on your fitness goals. In the end, you will improve your health while still enjoying the rest of what life gives us.


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