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My biggest pet peeve with the fitness industry.

So what is my biggest pet peeve about the fitness industry?

The biggest problem with many gyms is they simply do not help their clients. They are only about making money. Don’t get me wrong, I do this to make money too, but I don’t work for the masses. When you hire me, I show you proper form and also design a program around YOUR goals! That is the difference. That is why having a personal trainer like me is so important. I have had so many clients come from gyms and say they simply do not know how to set up their programs to attain their goals, and therefore don’t get success. When you join a gym they basically show you HOW to use the equipment but not how to set up a program. This is for liability reasons, but if you do not know how to set up set up rep schemes and sets, it’s useless.

If you do not know HOW to properly train you will NOT get gains. Either fat loss or muscle gains. Listen folks, if all you do is the same routine day after day and don’t get gains…STOP! I had a client come to me stating he was training for 10 years without gains. I was like “you trained 10 years without gains, ”and continued. He admitted that he never changed his workouts. Now what I am going to talk about in this post is the general fitness athlete that is looking to get into shape. This post is NOT about someone that has a sports specific goal like power lifting, strongman or other event. This is about someone that simply wants to get “into shape.” I am also a body building coach and strength and conditioning coach, but I am not talking about that here. This is for the mom and dad that wishes to go to the gym and get healthier, or the college student that just needs to figure out how to set up a program.

Change to me is the key! No two workouts for my clients are the same. I will change the exercise or rep scheme constantly. So heavy one day and lighter for more reps the next. I use techniques such as time under tension to change it up. Of course there are many other ways to change and get the body to adapt, but you get my point here. Change, change, change!

When starting out, find a basic workout and start with it. Just get the body used to working out, then after a few weeks start adding in new exercises. Then start changing the rep schemes. Heavy for 6-8 reps one day with a lateral raise for the shoulders on Monday and a military press on Wednesday with a medium weight for 15 reps. If you do this, you WILL make progress.

If you need a quick guide I made a basic workout guide that I can provide for free. Just hit me up. Want to know more, visit me at or you can find me on Facebook at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training. I am also doing online training, so if you want to find out more, please reach out to me.


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