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Is weight more important than inches on the body?

This has been a challenge I faced with clients for over 26 years now. This is especially true for older clients that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s.

I think the biggest problem with many people’s mindsets is to rely ONLY upon the scale. I say this…”the scale is a liar!” This is especially true for those I would say are older than 45. I am there myself at 55, but was not “brain washed” by the media pushing the scale is right narrative.

Back in the 70’s, 80’s and even early 90’s, the media said all we had to do was cardio to lose weight.(fat) Finally in the 90’s, researchers discovered that a combination of cardio, diet and resistance training was what was truly required to lose body fat. THIS was the key to longevity! I truly believe this. This was something that early bodybuilders already knew.

I will say it this way. The more muscle we have on our bodies, the more calories we burn at rest. Therefore, if you desire is to lose weight (fat) , you MUST add resistance training into your workout! Now Cardio must also be included as that activates the muscle we have to burn more calories and fat. Finally, we MUST start adjusting our diets. If we run, lift weights, and eat only Twinkees, we will NOT reach our fitness goals. EVERYTHING must come into play. So a proper diet is equally important.

So this is fitness in it’s basic form! Cardio, diet and strength training. These three things combined WILL get you results! I have been doing this for over 26 years now with great success, so I am telling the truth. I was once training an “older woman” that was born in those years where the scale ruled. I took measurements when she came in, and then along the way as she was progressing she started complaining. She said, “the scale is not moving.” Soooo, I re-measured her. She was the same weight, but she had lost and inch from her hips and an inch and a half from her waist. I shared it with her, but she was NOT satisfied. I told her while her weight was the same she was losing inches. She simply could not grasp the idea. This occurred over and over and she eventually left me. I answer the question this way and I give these hand gestures. I close my hand into a ball and say this is a pound of muscle. I OPEN the other hand and say this is a pound of fat. I then say they weigh the same, but the wide fat hands holds up more space on the body. So if we can trade a pound of muscle for a pound of fat your weight may not change, but the amount of tissue it takes up on your body is smaller. THIS IS HOW I TRAIN! This is what get’s results!

Body weight is a liar. Don’t over think things. The best gauge to me is how your clothes fit. If you are gaining weight or staying the same, but wearing looser clothes, you are winning the battle! It’s in the mindset!

If you want to know more, contact me at I have many free giveaways that can start you to get you to the body you want.

Thanks again.

Garan Fitness Consulting

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