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Doing what is necessary to maintain the fitness lifestyle.

So I have been personally training now for going on 44 years now, having started when I was 12 years old. Additionally, over the years I have dislocated both shoulders so needless to say, my shoulders are definitely feeling the wear and tear. Now, I have to lighten my bench press loads because of the shoulder pain, but I want to continue to train. Looking for a solution, I found a product called a slingshot, which is similar to a bench suit. It is essentially a large rubber band with two loops on each side that you put your arms through. As you get deep into the bench, the stretchy material takes up some of the load when you are mechanically at the weakest point throughout the lift. Additionally it keeps the shoulders tucked in to alleviate some of the shoulder discomfort.

I have found it a great way to continue training. At the top of the lift it lets you go heavier to increase some of the load that your body can adjust too. Some will say it’s cheating, but at my age, you have to do what you have to do to continue living the fitness lifestyle. I say it’s not cheating, just adjusting!

Fitness is truly a lifestyle, and as we age or get injured we must make adjustments to continue that journey. If you have knee, shoulder or elbow issues, use what sleeves or wraps help you continue to train. The sports world has continued to grow when it comes to offering you ways to prolong the healthy lifestyle you have chosen. It can be wraps, creams, medications, stretching before lifting and the list goes on. Combine these things with proper rest/recovery, a well balanced diet and supplementation as well as proper sleep and you can change your life.

Do what is necessary to continue to live your lifestyle. It, to me is the closest thing to the fountain of you.

Note: I have no financial or other interest in the Slingshot. It is simply something that I have found that helped me.

If you want to know more about living the fitness lifestyle, go to, or Facebook at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training. Additionally, visit my Youtube page, Garan Fitness Consulting for videos on different exercises and training tips.


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