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A Good Fitness Coach

One of the things a good coach must have, in fact is the ability to listen to their client and understand WHAT their goals are and to listen to what is holding them back and what motivates them.

If you have a great football, basketball, soccer, swimming or whatever coach is they MUST LISTEN to their client and develop what motivates them. This is not conjecture, it is science, but I realized this well before I “officially” learned this.

COACHING to me, is NOT telling people what to do. Yes, there is direction, but in the end it is listening to the client and then letting THEM telling you what THEY need. No one knows what they have been through. I have PTSD as a Detective and cop, so no coach could ever tell me what to do. They can however listen and offer suggestions. That is the job of a coach.

In the end, the client is the expert. People do NOT need being told WHAT to do, but they are masters of themselves. I great coach simply asks what they feel the need and THEN offers advice as to what will help them. It is a crazy world, but a coach must listen to what the client offers. I have made a living off of this.

A great coach will ask what are your goals. All coaches do this. A GREAT coach asks what is holding you back and then offers life experience that will help them reach it! It is not magic. It is simply understanding your client and then helping them realize what they already know.

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