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Is food prepping necessary?

So a question I often get is do you need to food prep to lose weight? I say YES!

There is a saying. You cannot out exercise a bad diet! This is the truth. If you are working out, and living off of Twinkies, you are wasting your time. I believe in the KISS principle. Keep It Simple, Stupid! Don’t over think things.

When I get new clients, I try not to overwhelm them. I don’t expect them to be super athletes on day one. We start training and I slowly tweak things as we progress. When it comes to diet, the first thing I tell them to do is cut out the crap. No fast food, pop, and junk food. I tell them to start eating cleaner. Just start cooking real meals. No processed foods. A box of Mac-N-Cheese may taste good, but is not the healthiest choice.

Once they do that, we get into meal prepping. Now we are getting more serious. Meal prepping is a key to success. Meal prepping is about making healthier decisions. By now, they have started to make meals that are not coming from a box. To get into specifics would be too hard for this post, but when I have people meal prep, I will generally start them off with baking a bunch of chicken on say a Sunday when they are off of work, then making a big pot of rice and some vegetables. Once done, these can be put in containers for healthy prepackaged meals. Using various fitness trackers, you can calculate the proportions you need to get the nutritional requirements needed to lose weight (fat). Once you figure this out, stick with it for a while. This WILL get you results!

Once you start seeing results, you can branch out a little! You can start adding in low carb breads and different things to spice up the diet, so you don’t get too bored. Initially however, I say stick to the basics! Remember KISS!

A variety of spices are also a key to success. While you may have basic foods starting off, using different spices to change the taste can be a game changer. Start out simple and then slowly add more weight loss friendly foods to your meal plan. Over time, you will build a nice and healthy sustainable meal plan.

In addition, I suggest always having a protein bar or shake available. In these busy days, we sometimes don’t have TIME to get that pre-made meal in. A bar or shake is a good way to at least stay on track.

Once again, you cannot out exercise a bad diet! To train for success you obviously have to add a resistance plan and cardio program into your set but you also need a proper diet! You will not succeed without out it! Want to know more, visit me at or you can find me on Facebook at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training.


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