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Close Quarter Battle for the Tactical Athlete.

As a police officer, I had the opportunity to do many things over my career. I started out as a Patrol Officer and did such things as Bike Patrol Officer, Detective and Tactical Operations. Over that time I had the opportunity to train with various people and one man was a former British SAS Operative for Hostage Rescue. So he taught us a handgun technique which is quite interesting.

It is essentially for Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and good for about 20 feet or less when hitting a target. In CQB, you do NOT have to align the front and back sites of your handgun. You must simply use the front site of the weapon and place it on the target. Now as you un-holster, you simply look for the front blade and place it on his or her body where your eyes naturally adjust when you are looking at your watch. Instead of choosing an isosceles or weaver stance keep the gun close with the front site and they eyes do not have to adjust to site the target in. This may only save you fractions of a second, but that could be the difference between winning a gunfight and losing one.

In combat, no matter hand to hand or with a weapon, you MUST create an advantage. This technique WILL. I suggest practicing it for CQB. Longer distance targets will of course force you take a more traditional stance. Practice ways to WIN, but keep practicing!

If you want to know more contact me at or at 330-554-1345.


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