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What is the preferred method of exercise?

I often get asked, what is the preferred method of exercising. To be fair, there isn’t one. To me, to be successful at life, exercise cannot be one dimensional. It must be multi-faceted. Now here I am talking about overall, general fitness. To be healthy and fit, your program must include strength/resistance training, cardio, stretching, proper rest/recovery, and sound sleep to name a few aspects.

To be fit, we must be prepared to perform the task at hand, and I say a little more. This means that if my job requires me to lift 40 lbs over and over throughout the day, I should train to be able to lift 50 or 60 pound repeatedly if the occasion arises. The same can be said about cardio. If I am required to walk 20 yards over and over throughout the day, I should train to be able to walk 60 years over and over should it be needed.

Always train for an event which is over your daily requirements. This is especially true should you need to defend yourself against an attack. You should be strong and agile and have enough cardio to protect yourself, but be able to not only defend yourself, but have the ability to go beyond just defense. You should have enough reserves to end the fight quickly. I even include Kung Fu training into my routine for both self defense, but also cardio.

While self defense may not be your initial thought when getting fit, coming from a retired police officer this goal was always in the back of my mind. I always prayed I never needed this ability, but always prepared for it. Now, to protect yourself it may not be actual combat, but may simply be having the ability and stamina to run and get away from an attacker. Self preservation should be your primary goal, and having a sound diet and fitness plan are the keys to success. Train to live another day.

At Garan Fitness Consulting, I train those in the Kent, Oh and surrounding Northeast Ohio areas how to get fit. Additionally, I have an online platform that allows me to reach those outside the area. All of my plans are designed around the individual’s goals. That can be fat loss, strength building or any number of other goals.

Want to know more, contact me at 330-554-1345, on FB at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training, or on Youtube at Garan Fitness Consulting.

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