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What helped me gain success in my fitness career.

While I normally share things that are specific as to HOW to improve your Health and Fitness, tonight I am shifting gears. Tonight’s topic is the 3 major things that helped me achieve success in my field as Master Trainer. The first thing is both of my parents and how they raised me. Now, while I will mention that they both bought me this cheap little plastic and concrete weight set when I was 12 for Christmas and it changed my life ( I know own a full gym) , I will not dwell upon it here. It was a huge impact, but I have posted on this before, so I want to discuss 3 OTHER things.

The first thing I want to discuss is a strong work ethic taught to me by my parents. To succeed in life, you must work hard at the goals you have set for yourself. You must seriously believe “in your heart” that this is the right path you have chosen. You cannot doubt this goal. My dad worked in the baking industry his whole life, starting out as a truck mechanic, but eventually travelling the world as a consultant as to HOW to set up the design of a successful layout for production lines in his industry. He is the toughest man I have ever met! He would work UNTIL the job was complete, no matter how exhausted he was.

On the other hand, my mom worked at the U.S. Post Office for 20 years and was very successful. Still, she had time for us to get us to ball games and practices and whatever we needed. When we were very young, she was our Cub Scouts Master. It was amazing, yet at the time, we never realized HOW much she sacrificed, as most kids don’t. I mean she was simply MOM at the time. We all need to be grateful for what our Mom’s did for us.

Now while Parenting and Work Ethic was my first topic, the second will be Diet. This cannot be overlooked for any fitness success. I tell people to get big you MUST eat BIG. Additionally, you must use Portion Control to lose fat, portion control is the key. Not some silly fad diets. My brother and I are both rather big boys, so feeding the two of us, must have been a problem, yet they both did keep us fed and we succeeded.

Mom always made home cooked meals including the simple “meat and potato” diet. We rarely ate out and the home cooked meals were what we needed. A good “beef stew” comes to mind when thinking of hardy meals. We occasionally ate out, but our basics were Mom’s home cooked meals.

Truth be told, were here meals perfect compared to today’s standards in proper diet, the answer is NO! Yet, it did provide us with what we needed for our goals. When we needed to split wood, my brother and I ate a hardy meal of spaghetti and meat sauce along with a fruit and vegetable. (I didn’t always eat my veggies, but you get the idea.) Hell, she even made this delicious what I call “cheesy potato soup” which I still occasionally make from her recipe. My brother and I would eat until we were almost sick as it was so delicious!

I think the difference may well be that we had sports workouts, but also had to do chores like splitting wood, shoveling coal for our furnace and other such labor. It was not easy, and we also would go work on our farm during the weekends. We just never questioned it. It was simply our life. Times have changed. We could get away with not eating super proper, as we were hard workers while also playing sports.

The key for me here is these meals were “home cooked.” They were not some processed foods from a box. For a successful athlete today, you MUST not rely upon processed meals, but cook at home and meal prep.

Finally, the last and most important thing I learned was to take care of family. Even when eating the “cheesy soup” we met around the kitchen table and discussed what our day consisted of. My Dad’s work day and his problems, my Mom’s problem’s at work, and what my Brother and I did in sports or what we learned at school. (My dad always had a loaf of Nickel’s bread at his feet as he would eat several pieces at each meal.)

Today, I think we over think things that bring success in our lives. They are actually simple. I urge you to look back on the important things in life and you may realize it was a good work ethic and family!

Unless you are an elite athlete, take life in stride. I am not saying give up and do anything you want expecting fitness gains, but I am saying find time for what’s important. I cannot decide for you what that is, but as I get older, I realize the importance of different things. Things that have meaning in your life.

I have always been into fitness and sports and I encourage you to live that life style, but a simple “cheesy potato soup” with family may actually be the best remedy for what ails you. Stay on track with exercise, diet, and your goals, but if you stray, enjoy why you did and get back on track tomorrow. Enjoy your memories!


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