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What exactly is Gym Anxiety?

For m

any people who want to change their lives and get into better shape, there is something that holds them back from making those changes. One of the major causes is what I call gym anxiety. So what IS gym anxiety.

Gym anxiety is essentially a fear of going into the gym and starting to work out. It’s not the fear of actually walking through the door, but it is the anxiety that occurs when you are unsure of how to properly design a workout routine, how to properly use the equipment and the fear of being judged by others. Let’s face it, no one wants to look like they don’t know what they are doing.

Now, to be truthful if you are in a gym, you most likely WILL be judged by some people. It’s unfortunately human nature. While I have been personally training for over 43 years now and training others for over 26 years, I have seen people smirk at me for perhaps lifting less than them. Those that do are usually much younger than me. Now I am 55 years old and have slowed down a bit. I have a bad heart valve so my doctors have told me to decrease the weights I use to protect my heart. This was not an easy thing to do because I have a large ego, but at 55 I decided I no longer have to be one of the stronger people around. Now my workouts are more based upon longevity. What is going to keep me alive? Yes being judged stings a bit, but in the end who cares. I am not training for them, I am training for myself.

For those with gym anxiety, to be successful you must put yourself in this mindset. Simply tell yourself, “if I don’t know you, why do I care what you think.” Never be ashamed about trying to improve yourself! So what? Maybe you ARE overweight or are too skinny. Do what is best FOR YOU!

Now most gyms will give you a quick overview of HOW to use the machines or equipment but unless you get a personal trainer, they will not show you how to properly train and design your program. This is why I recommend getting a personal trainer if you have gym anxiety. The trainer will teach you all the things you need to have success. I am available for both in person and online training. If you want to know more, visit my Youtube channel Garan Fitness Consulting where I will give you free videos sharing some of the exercises and techniques I use to get my clients positive gains.

If you ARE considering a trainer, don’t think of it as a never ending drain on your wallet. I have had clients that learned how I design my programs and trained with me for a while and then decided to train on their own. If they needed more guidance and a change, they came back, learned more and then again worked out on their own.

If you want to get into shape and change your life, don’t let others decide how you do it. Be your own strong person. Make your OWN decisions! Sure there are some jerks in the gym, but once you are in there, you will quickly discover that the majority of the other clients simply don’t look at you. They are busy working their own routines. And in general, those that have been in the gym for a long time once started off as you are. They too, were a little intimidated by walking through those doors. If you ask, most of them will be glad to offer their help. When asked a question, I always offer some quick tips.

The gym should NOT be a scary place! It is a place where we take care of ourselves and improve! It is a place where life changing things happen. All I ask is that you do not let other people determine your destiny. Be your own person!

If you are in Northeast Ohio, or the Kent, Stow, Brimfield or Akron Ohio Region, or want to train online contact me at 330-554-1345,, or I Can get you the progress you are seeking. With over 26 years helping others I am the real deal.


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