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Truth Post: A story about my weight lose.

So let me share something personal. I have always been a big guy. Big bad cop, but when I found out I had a bad heart valve, I decided to lose weight. That included a lot of muscle that I worked hard to obtain over the years. Still I am a Master Trainer that has been training others for over 26 years now. Ultimately it will allow me to live longer.

As hard as that is, I now simply share my knowledge with others. I simply don’t have to be as big and bad as I once was. Think Mickey Goldmill playing “Mickey” in the movie Rocky. I still train hard, but not nearly as hard as before. It’s not necessary.

Thankfully, God has allowed me to share this knowledge I have gained over the years with others. It is a blessing! In the end, I have lost over 50 pounds which has made my life easier. Do not be afraid to make those tough choices. In the end they can pay off big time.

What is the reason YOU want to either gain muscle or loose fat?

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