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So one of the things I am expanding into now is online training. This is how and why.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

For the last 26 years, I have been training people one on one. My problem is I am running out of time slots to train people, yet I enjoy helping others. Therefore, I now have a platform to train others online. This is a great platform where I can suggest exercises, diet advice and everything else fitness related over the net. What is so great about it as far as I am concerned is I can download videos to show you the specific exercises you need to do. Therefore, you can see HOW to do the proper exercise and I can change the reps and sets used for each exercise, based upon your individual goals. That can be fat loss, muscle gain or sport specific training. It’s like being with me in the gym, but less expensive. The only downside is I am NOT there to spot you, so you have to be cautious when going heavy. Conversely, once you complete a workout you can send me the results and I can make timely adjustments so you can continue to progress.

I am a retired detective, but still only 55, so while I don’t need this job I am too young and ambitious to simply sit in front of the TV waiting to die. This is one of the reasons I keep my prices lower than many other trainers. To me, I get to help those that cannot afford the high prices of other trainers and I stay busy so I am not just sitting in front of the TV and watching re-runs of “I Love Lucy.”

Covid has changed the face of personal training as so many trainers are turning to online training as an alternative. Personally, I love one on one interaction’s, but if that is not a reliable option for someone, then online training is the right choice. While perhaps not one on one, choosing me is a reliable option as I have been training others for over 26 years now. Few other trainers have that type of longevity. Some do, but this is a business where trainers do not stay in business for long. Why have I been successful at training others for so long? It’s simple. I get my clients results.

In the end, if you do not know HOW to design and change a workout plan to progress, find someone that does. If you don’t, you will simply spin your wheels. If you can afford it, I would suggest one on one training. I feel it is the best option. If you are far away from me and that IS AN option find another qualified trainer. There are many out there. If you cannot afford one, or have difficulty with time constraints, then contact me for online training. I WILL get you the results you desire. While I would love to have your business, YOUR success is what is important to me. There is no greater gift than health through a proper diet, exercise and a good cardio program. This is the path for success.

If you want to know more, please go to, or FB at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training. You can also check out my Youtube channel Garan Fitness Consulting. Additionally, I do online training, so if you are interested you can contact me on my web page or at 330-554-1345.


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