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Quick Tips for Fat lose

#1. Simply clean up your diet! This does not mean you need to be perfect, but cut out the extra soda/pop or fast food. Eating out at fast food everyday is simply eating junk meals. Cut out, High fat and high Carbs. Instead choose chose healthier meals like a sub sandwich with better meats and veggies. I suggest instead of a 12” long go for the 6” long and double the meat. This provides less carbs and more protein, but you will still be filled up.

While said, I suggest one meal a week as a “cheat day.” Eat whatever you want. This keeps you sane. So if you and your friends go out and eat wings every Friday…DO IT. But tell yourself the rest of the week you must eat “clean.”

#2. Drink a lot of water, especially before a meal! If your belly already feels full, you will not have the desire to eat as much food.

#3. Stop eating 4 hours before you decide to go to bed. This makes you fast over your time sleeping. When you wake up, you will need to burn fat as a fuel source for activity to go about your day and train which will tap into your fat reserves.

# 4. Do cardio when you wake up instead of after you ate. Again, since you fasted you will tap into your fat reserves for fuel instead of your carbs that you ate which the body prefers to use as a fuel source!

These 4 simple steps can get you on your way to changing your body!

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