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No matter what you think, there are good personal trainers out there, and bad ones.

Not to toot my own horn, well maybe a little, but I have been training others for over 26 years now. How did I accomplish this length of time training others in a business where success is short. It’s simple, my programs WORK. I get results.

I am a Master Trainer, with certifications as a Fitness Trainer, Youth Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Bodybuilding Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tactical Conditioning Coach, Specialist in Exercise Therapy all through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA.) Additionally I am a Physical fitness Specialist through the Ohio Police Officer Training Council and certified Nautilus Trainer.

One problem with many trainers is that they have what I call “canned” programs. Essentially one size fits all programs that they assume will work for everyone. That is NOT what I do. This is what you generally get going to Purple Planet or other box gyms. I specifically design my programs around your goal! Want to lose weight, I can help. Want to gain muscle, I can do that too. Want to be a body builder, I can design a program starting with a strength building phase, then hypertrophy (muscle size) phase, then a cutting phase. That’s one big difference from me and other trainers, but much of that comes from my 26 years of experience. I am not knocking all other trainers, just saying experience means a lot!

Secondly, while I may have a set goal in mind such as strength building for a client, I believe in constant change. Change is key. It does two things. It keeps the body guessing so as not to get routine, but it also keeps the mind guessing. Clients come in and say what does Scott have for me today? For example, we may hit shoulders with heavy lateral raises on one day and the next time we do shoulders it can be lighter weights for a military press for 15 reps. Keep the body and mind guessing. Sometimes I will go off the charts and do a cardio boxing/weight workout. Now, the primary focus is still the same, say strength, but adding in different variables gets results.

Finally, I connect with my clients in more than just a personal trainer/client relationship. I share stories about my life and fitness journey and even things like my personal struggles such as PTSD from my time as a cop. It makes me relatable. Listen, we all struggle and have different paths, but sharing lets the other person know that we are all still human. I have had two woman break into tears as we talked. It was uncomfortable, but they shared things with me they were holding deep inside. Maybe they didn’t have anyone to share with and I was the one they trusted to talk to. I do not expect everyone to share their life with me. They can keep it private and I can just be their trainer, but if they need an ear, I am also there. I also have my own struggles. We all do. I am that person that would never share anyone else’s struggles with someone else but am here to listen. Maybe that is why people share their personal struggles with me.

In the end, when and if you decide to find a personal trainer, do your research. A good trainer will push you and get you results! That is any good trainer, whether it’s me or someone else, but be careful of those that do not take your specific goals into account. A good trainer will design the program around YOUR goals, not make you fit into their program.

If you want to know more, go to, or Facebook at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training. Additionally, visit my Youtube page, Garan Fitness Consulting for videos on different exercises and training tips.


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