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Keep Moving!

They say time waits for no one, and that is a simple fact.   While we cannot stop time, we CAN control what we do with it, at least for the most part.   As we age, we may need to change things in our lives and routines, but in general it doesn’t mean we have to give up completely on something that has been engrained in our lives.   For me personally, that means exercise.  

Truth be told, at 58 years old I HAVE had to change things in my exercise routine, but I still regularly exercise.   I am currently doing a four day weight training split and biking several times a week.   From the past, I am lifting lighter but still training with weights and again improving.   I know at this age I will never hit the personal bests I did when I was in my 20’s but I know I am doing better than most people my age.

When it comes to cardio I used to jog, but now it is biking and cardio boxing as my knees can’t take the beating they took when I was younger.   I guess 12 years playing rugby and 20 years in law enforcement took their tool.   To me the thing is to keep moving forward and make the adjustments you need for YOUR personal growth.   “Getting old” and just sitting back watching TV waiting to die is NOT a good plan!   Do what your body will allow, but get out there and MOVE!

Get moving!   Take baby steps.   Start by maybe walking around the block and when that gets easy add another block and so on.   Start resistance training with some stretch bands and when that gets easy add some heavier weights.   Just keep forcing yourself to grow according to your own ability and timeline.   This is not a race between individuals, but IS a race between you and your future.   Just keep moving!


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