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Is cardio and dieting the only thing that is needed for weight loss?

One thing I have learned over the 26 years I have been training clients is there is more to weight loss than only dieting and cardio. I once had a client come to me at 286 wanting to lose weight. I told him, strength and resistance training is key. If you go to a gym and look at those who are the most fit looking people, it’s never the people that spend hours on the treadmill, it’s the one’s that stand in the power rack and lift heavy. If you doubt this, look around at your gym. Those that ONLY do cardio can be small, but they are known as what is called “skinny fat.” Small, but saggy. No, to lose weight you MUST strength train.

When he went to his doctor, he told him he had hired a trainer. When the doctor asked what I had him doing, he said weight training. The doctor told him you only need diet and cardio. The next time he went to the docs, he was down 20 pounds. The doc said all you need is diet and cardio. He then went the third time and was down another 20 lbs. This time the doc said “well keep doing what your are doing as you are losing weight”. In the end I had him down to 212 and he climbed Mt. St Helens.

Now, diet and cardio are a huge part of a weight loss plan, and I am not saying it isn’t. All my clients focus on it, but part of the key is strength training. Muscle burns calories constantly, even at rest. So the more you muscle you have, the more calories you burn

If you truly want to lose weight, add strength and conditioning training into your program. And don’t be afraid to go heavy. One problem I often run into with woman is they “don’t want to get big and bulky.” Ladies, unless you are taking male hormones, you won’t! If it were so easy t get big and bulky, we would all look like “da Arnold.”

If you want to successfully lose weight, add weights into your program. With a diet, cardio and strength training plan. I currently have a client down from 389 to 329 in just 11 months. That’s over a pound a week. THAT is progress.

If you need a quick guide, I made a basic workout guide that I can provide for free. Just hit me up. Want to know more, your can contact me here, or you can find me on Facebook at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training. I am also doing online training, so if you want to find out more, please reach out to me.


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