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“Cardio” Love it or hate it?

I have to admit, that while I am a Master Fitness Trainer, I HATE cardio, especially running on a tread mill. Running outside not as much, but I never really got the running bug that others have. Now, when running in a sports game such as football or rugby, I was OK with it as there was a reason I was running. There was a purpose. While I know there is also a purpose in simply running, for obvious health reasons, you get me point.

As I have mentioned before, to me change is the key to success. So if you are like me, change things up to keep your cardio interesting is a key to success. In the summer, I ride my bike outside or take walks. In winter, I have a stationary bike. Circuit training in the weight room is another great way to mix cardio into your program. Additionally, I love adding a mix or weights and boxing into my programs. Boxing is a great cardio builder and can get you into amazing shape.

For this Boxing/Weight mix, I may have my clients do two shadow boxing moves on each side, and then move to a few weight movements. Then back to other punches or kicks and repeat. Finally after all the shadow boxing and moves, I will have them do a few rounds against the speed or heavy bag. That will definitely get your heart pumping.

Again, changing up your workouts is what the body responds to. Additionally, it keeps the mind guessing so your workouts do not get stagnate. Keep changing it up for success.


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