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Becoming MORE than just a Personal Trainer

I have been training others for over 27 years now, and it has always been about taking the client’s goals and turning them into reality. That is usually through a diet and exercise program that in general has them either lose weight, gain muscle or a combination of both. That is in fact, kind of the definition of what a personal trainer does.

Still, as I continue to train and add more to the skills I possess, one of the courses I took was becoming a Specialist in Exercise Therapy. This is carrying on from when someone with say a knee replacement runs out of sessions with their Exercise Therapist and needs a little more help. I am currently doing that with a 78 year old woman that had a knee replaced and wanted to be able to walk without a cane. Over several months she has progressed to that point, and we continue to make gains.

recently, however I turned a page. I was contacted by a family to help someone with leukemia to help her build her strength back up. She is an 85 year old woman that was having trouble breathing and they started looking at it as pneumonia, but blood results showed it was leukemia. They said she had weeks, perhaps only hours to live. She was placed into hospice but started regaining her strength and is now home and recovering. She is sitting up, laughing, somewhat mobile and making jokes. The doctors cannot explain her recovery. Now, since insurance will not cover more physical therapy, her husband would have to pay $300 an hour to get her help out of pocket, something that he simply couldn’t do. So, they reached out to me to try to help out.

Today was our first session, and we made some progress. Baby steps, I always say. While I told the family that I could not guarantee a positive outcome, as in the end even the doctors don’t know why she is improving, I guaranteed them that I would do my best at helping her. Her goal is to once again get out of bed and walk. I look forward to the journey we have ahead together.

Life is short, and we really have no idea what lies ahead of us, but I am grateful that God has allowed me to help others make a difference in their lives. Yes, there are no guarantees in life, but making the best of your own life is fostered by helping others make the best of someone else’s!

To find out more, contact me at 330-554-1345, or at You can also check out some videos I have added on Youtube at Garan fitness consulting. Scott

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