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Basic Exercise Workout for Beginners

So for today, I want to give out a free basic exercise program to get you started on your fitness journey. For this training I want you to train 3 days a week with one day day off from strength training in between each workout. You will do cardio such as running or biking on Tuesday and Thursday. So a sample workout will be Monday-Wednesday-Friday Strength and then Tuesday and Thursday Running, Walking or Biking. This is a basic workout but will get you headed in the right direction. Saturday and Sunday will be a total non-workout days for recovery. Obviously you can change days to fit your work schedule, but use this as a guide.

Now, for this program I simply show the # sign as the weight to be used. Get a notebook and record what you did so you can continue to push yourself. Since everyone is different, to select a good weight, I suggest using this strategy. Say we are shooting for 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each set. Choose a weight where you get the first set fairly easy and the next set is a struggle. While we are shooting for three sets of 10, perhaps we can only get 8 reps on the third set. That is fine! This is the perfect weight, so the next time we train, we shoot for 9 reps and then 10. Once we hit 10 reps, we move up in weight, and continue to progress. This is the basics of progression.

Start out with the following:


Lateral Raise Push Ups (or on knees)

# X 10 10

# X 10 10

# X 10 10

Supermans Body Squats

5 second hold at the top then lower and repeat 10

5 second hold 10

5 second hold 10

Biceps Curls Overhead Extensions

# X 10 # X 10 # X 10 # x 10

# x 10 # X 10


20 reps

20 reps

20 reps

This workout hit's ALL of the major muscle groups.

This workout will be good for several months as a beginner. As you progress, either try to add an extra rep or a little more weight to improve. I am also a big believer in change, so mix up weight and rep schemes. So if the last time you did 10 lbs. on curls for 3 sets of 10, perhaps the next time drop the weight to 8's but do 12 or 15 reps. Then the next time add weight, but shoot for 6 reps. Change it up to get you the results you want.

Keep the body and mind guessing for progress. Eventually, as you progress, you will need to switch up your program. If you are a beginner and have questions, shoot me a question.

If you want to know more and are in the greater Cleveland area such as Kent, Stow, Tallmadge, Brimfield or surrounding areas or want online training, visit me at, at FB at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training or at Youtube at Garan Fitness Consulting. Additionally, you can contact me at 330-554-1345.


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