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How to set up the different cycles to reach your bodybuilding goals

While the first major bodybuilding show was not held until 1901, people have revered stong and well muscled men since time immorial.   Today, bodybuilding is a major part of many people's athletic endeavors.   Both men and woman strive to get as close to the "perfect body" that they can.

This is no easy feat.   First it takes extreme dedication and self control.  One must have a strict diet, motivation, and break up their training into specific periods focused upon specific goals for for that period of time.

So let's say a bodybuilder's contest is one year away.   One may first focus on the first five months of the year building strength.   Heavy weights and low reps.   The next five months may be dedicated to hypertrophy training, meaning higher reps with somewhat lighter weights to gain muscle size.

Finally, the last two months maybe be dedicated to more cardio and burning the fat that once covered all of the muscle her or she has built.   During these time peroids, diet and rest must all be factored into the mix.   

As a Bodybuilding Coach I can help you in designing the program you need to be "contest ready" on the day of the event.

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