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What is my best advice for someone that fell off track as far as their fitness program??

As a M

aster Fitness Trainer that has been helping others for over 26 years now, the answer is simple. Get back in the saddle and keep moving ahead. It’s really that simple!

I feel the health and fitness lifestyle is a journey! Like any journey, you will have ups and downs. In a car trip, you may pick up a nail and have a flat tire. Do you let that stop your journey? The answer to this question is NO. You simply get someone to plug the tire or replace the tire and move ahead. When walking to a destination and it starts pouring rain, do you simply stop, or do you push ahead? You keep your head down and push ahead. The same is true in the fitness journey!

No one is perfect. In fact when I get a new client I do not expect them to be super athletes with a perfect diet, perfect lifting and perfect cardio programs all at once. It is unrealistic. I take baby steps until they can handle it all. We ALL suffer setbacks. In fact tonight, I am off on getting all the protein I planned for tonight. For whatever reason, I am having trouble getting it in. I just don’t feel hungry. That doesn’t matter, as tomorrow I will be back on track. This MUST be your mindset when getting fit. There will be ups and downs. The main thing is to KEEP improving, day by day. Tonight while struggling with my food, I am adding in some light martial arts, just to keep improving. As long as you are making progress, you are winning!

For my clients, I always allow one “cheat meal” a week. Anything you want. If it’s pizza or wings DO IT! This helps you stay sane. Cheat tonight, but tomorrow get back on the wagon. These little controlled setbacks will help you in the long run. You can tell yourself, “Friday me and my friends are getting wings” so tonight I am staying on track. This is true for every aspect of your training.

Don’t over think things. Stay the course and put one foot in front of the other, every day. If you are in the Kent, Ohio or North East Ohio region, contact me at 330-554-1345 or Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training on FB, or Youtube at Garan Fitness Consulting for more info. I can help you reach your fitness goals.


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