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Energy or Chi? What does it mean?

Energy, mindset and a martial artist’s Chi are essentially the same. Essentially, they all mean one thing, which is “life force.” To me successful at anything in life you MUST put in the work to succeed. That can be as the accountant studying what will make her a success. For the engineer, math is a must to understand the stresses that go into construction products. The same is true for any athlete. You must practice technique over and over and over so muscle memory kicks in and it is second nature. As a cop, I had to shoot firearms over and over until I didn’t have to aim at the target. I could simply point and shoot. It was like the firearm was an extension of my body.

The same is true with fitness. Whatever your goal, you must repeat the action over and over not only in your body but also mind. So for someone that lifts weights it can mean not only the mindset of the lifting technique, but also the preparation leading up to the lift? Did I stretch enough, did I eat the proper foods and in the proper quantities? Did I get enough sleep? All these things come into play when in competition.

The same is true for the martial artist. Did I do EVERYTHING that I should have done to train me for this competition? So where does this energy or framework come from? The energy flows through your mind and body. To be successful you must meditate or believe that there is NO WAY you will fail. It is your life’s energy. When in competition, if you have a shred of doubt that you will fail…YOU WILL. Doubt will destroy you.

To be successful in any endeavor in life, you must practice your skill until it simply becomes that extension of your body and soul. It must be second nature. While I am a Christian, that does not mean I cannot learn things from other religions. All of the major religions essentially teach the same lessons. Yes, there are some differences, but they all teach you to honor your parents and not to kill people unless it is a necessity. While I train the body, I study other people’s beliefs. Can I gain anything from that? If so, I USE it!

To improve your body, first focus on the mind. Define your goals and improve upon them. Once you do that, you have found the roadmap to success. You will be victorious! Now when I am talking meditation, I am not saying you have to sit with your legs crossed chanting Omm Omm Omm. I am suggesting, sitting back, relaxing and planning out your path to success over and over in your mind. Once it is in your mind, it becomes one with your body!

This is the key to success whatever endeavor you are on. If you want to know more and are in the greater Cleveland areas such as Kent, Stow, Tallmadge, Brimfield or surrounding areas or want online training, visit me at, at FB at Garan Fitness Consulting or Garan Fitness Tactical Training or at Youtube at Garan Fitness Consulting. Additionally, you can contact me at 330-554-1345. Scott

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