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After serving twenty years in police work, I retired as a detective where I also supervised a departmental fitness program. Additionally I was the lead fitness trainer at the University of Akron's Law Enforcement training Center from 2000-2008. I am currently an ISSA Certified Elite Fitness Trainer as well as Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Specialist in Exercise Therapy.   Previous certifications include Physical Fitness Specialist through the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy and Certified Strength Trainer through Nautilus.

My hobbies include travel, rugby, model railroading, working out and SCUBA diving. 

Scott Garan
As Kent is the home of a university, cats are often discarded as students leave for the summer or graduate.   Chloe was found hanging around the gym covered in fleas and bloody.   After getting here tested for diseases and getting her the help she needed, Chloe became the "gym cat."   

Chloe can often be found darting around the gym, watching clients train. While darting around constitutes cardio, Chloe, does no weight training that I know of. 

Chloe enjoys eating and chasing her tail.

Garan's Fitness Fun and Facts

A little extra protein!

by Scott Garan on 06/15/17

Getting enough protein when you are working out is a major source of concern. One thing I do to help is making a mix of nuts and some dried fruits for for flavor that I can nibble on throughout the day! This week's mix is Almonds, Dried Peanuts and some Dried Cherry's for a little sugar! If you are trying to get in excess protein above your diet, this quick snack idea can be a big help!

Farmer's Carry

by Scott Garan on 06/10/17

Many people believe cardio has to be completed over a long time and and at a moderate pace.   I believe that is part of the equation, but high intensity training should also be included.   

One such way is to include the Farmer's Carry as part of the workout.   The Farmer's Carry is simply grabbing either a pair of moderate/heavy dumbbells or similar weights in each hand and then fast walking/jogging a set course.   I usually set two cones up approximately 50 feet apart and then have my clients carry the weights, at the fastest pace possible just short of running, twice back and forth.  

This form of training can truly tax the cardiovascular system.   The combination of quickly moving while carrying a heavy load forces the heart to deliver oxygen to many large body parts, all at the same time.   What is great about this type of training is you can change it up.  If you don't have heavier weights, carry your lighter ones but extend the distance you are travelling, or add additional passes between the two cones.   You can also shorten the distance between each pass, but up the weight you are carrying!   Every little change taxes the cardiovascular system in a different way.

You do NOT have to do steady state cardio all the time to achieve cardiovascular health!   Changing things up IS the way to keep the body guessing and growing!


"Growing up!"

by Scott Garan on 06/21/16

One of the great joys in training young people, like my 10 and 13 year old clients is seeing how they progress physically as well as person. Now Jacob my 13 year old is "getting there!" He has finally transitioned from his mom making him come to "I want to be here!" What an honor to be part of that!

Today we trained together. As usual, I asked him how he felt. Normally I would get an "OK" or some vague answer, today I asked the same question. The answer. "I want to go heavy" and we did! This 13 year old benched 115 for 3 sets of 8. Proud of the young man. We have now set a goal for 125 by the end of summer! I know he will make it!

Scott Garan

Re-found Enthusiasm!

by Scott Garan on 05/30/16

So being enthusiastic about any endeavor is important if you want success. Getting "in shape" or achieving your fitness goals is no different.

Recently for me, this has been a problem. I have been training and lifting weights for over 37 years now with essentially NO down time except when I was injured. I mean I love training.

I now have turned that love into a business and I train people everyday. I love seeing the physical and emotional results my clients get when they achieve success. Unfortunately for me, being in the gym all day training others dampened MY desire to train. I mean after a long day, I kind of wanted to get away from the gym.

I have now found a new desire, and my fire is back. This is in part because I lost a 4 college clients freeing up some personal time. While this is expected in the business, it is both bad and good for me. On the bad side, I am missing out on training clients, but I am looking at it as a little break. It is allowing me to once again get back to training heavy and hard.

I guess the lesson I want to share is when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Yes, I am down some clients, but it is allowing me to rekindle my passion for what I love. When the students come back, I will once again be busy. For now I will train those clients I have, but allow the extra time to train ME!

Don't forget to drink you lemonade!


Life with zombies!

by Scott Garan on 05/26/16

So anyone that watches TV, or reads anything today are familiar with zombies. Now in the world outside the lifting world, zombies want to eat brains! Those oh so delicious brains!

In the lifting world however, many of us are focused on training and trying to get the best workout we can. We strive for success! This may not be as easy as it once was, because of the NEW zombies that we interact with. Truth be told, today's zombies do not eat other people's brains, but let THEIR brains be eaten by technology!

It is sad that today, you can be in a gym and there will be people sitting on equipment looking into the screen on their phone, between sets! REALLY? I mean when I train, I am there to train! I have been training for over 37 years now and that has NEVER changed! I get pumped and am motivated!

Now, many lift some, and then check what their friends may be doing at that very moment on FB or Youtube! PEOPLE, these zombies are robbing You from a great workout!

Now I own my own business and my clients train one on one and I would yell at them if they decided to be checking their Facebook in between sets! Why did you hire me if you don't want results?

That however is NOT the norm! Most people train at a box gym and have to deal with others there! To all of you, I suggest allowing yourself to be flexible! Most gym zombies today will have ear buds in while they are mindlessly looking at their phones! Even getting their attention is a problem!

The solution as suggested is flexibility! So if a zombie is sitting on the bench looking at his FB page, do not hesitate to look to the decline bench as an alternative! Zombies hate anything different, so something like the decline bench is a perfect alternative to your workout! I have discovered zombies hate lifts like the decline bench because you cannot comfortably sit on a decline bench and check FB! This is just one example, but look around for other ways to hit the muscle group you want to train!

Brother Iron and sister steel, be careful of your path with iron zombies! Do what you must as in the end it is YOUR workout that matters!